Health Reform Update - Sept 8th

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In the Health Reform Update for the week, House Republicans pass their first Affordable Care Act (ACA) bill since April, which would allow group plans that fail to comply with the ACA to be offered outside of ACA Marketplaces through 2018. 

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) sues several drugmakers to block a “pay-to-delay” settlement, its first lawsuit since the U.S. Supreme Court put the burden on the FTC to prove that agreements to delay market entrance of lower cost generics will limit competition and raise prices. 

Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R) reaches “conceptual agreement” with the Obama Administration on a private sector alternative to expanding Medicaid under the ACA.  If approved, he would become the tenth Republican governor to agree to participate.  However, the Government Accountability Office confirms earlier Congressional Budget Office warnings that covering those newly-eligible for Medicaid under Marketplace plans is more costly than a traditional Medicaid expansion.

Three more Marketplaces approve modest premium increases for 2015, while Alaska blames the closure of its high-risk pool on 27-37 percent rate spikes. 

You can view the full Health Reform Update here and for more information about the PSI Advocacy you can also join the PSI Patient Coalition.

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