Policy Update-Week of 3/16

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In the Health Reform Update for the past week, the Obama Administration uses the fifth anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) next week to highlight that more than 16.4 million Americans have gained coverage under the law—the greatest expansion in four decades.  The Urban Institute finds that the media overstated the number of individual health plans that were actually canceled in order to avoid upgrading to ACA standards.  

Congressional bills to fix Medicare physician payments, repeal the ACA’s controversial Medicare cost-cutting board, and restore flexible spending account (FSA) eligibility for over-the-counter drugs all attract some bipartisan support.  Senate Republicans offer a budget plan that omits controversial House Republican proposals to privatize Medicare and block grant Medicaid.

Medicaid expansion battles continue to dominate the political landscape in states like Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Montana, and New Hampshire.  Two states (South Dakota and West Virginia) enact laws requiring greater transparency for prescription drug costs while similar bills remain pending in other states.

You can find this full Health Reform Update here and learn more about advocacy and join the PSI Patient Coalition.


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