A. Families affected by the listed Supported Illnesses are eligible to apply. Assistance is determined using a sliding scale that includes several factors such as household income, number of dependents, and the state in which you live.
A. Patients who receive financial support from other assistance programs or supplemental policies may be eligible for PSI assistance for the same chronic illness. However, patients cannot receive the same type of assistance simultaneously.
A. You must have insurance, reside in the US, and receive treatment from a US provider.
A. Financial assistance awarded varies by program. Upon approval, you will receive written notification from PSI regarding your assistance amount.
A. While insurance is not needed for all programs, the majority do require insurance to receive assistance. Prescription discount programs are not eligible.
A. After PSI has received your completed application, the review process takes place. Please login to your secure patient portal account to check the status of your application. 
A. PSI will contact you by mail to notify you if your request for assistance has been approved or denied. You may also obtain the status of your application by logging into the PSI Patient Portal.

A. Individuals may be eligible to receive PSI assistance regardless of the provider or treatment chosen by the individual if all eligibility requirements are met. Choice of a provider or treatment should be made by the individual after consultation with a physician in consideration of their best medical interests.

Individuals are entitled to freely choose a provider and/or treatment, and PSI employees will not encourage or direct patients to select a specific provider or treatment in order to receive PSI assistance.

A. PSI prefers to directly pay your treatment center, pharmacy, or healthcare provider. PSI can also directly reimburse you for pre-paid qualifying expenses.
A. PSI maintains the privacy of all patient protected health information (PHI). PHI will only be used within the confines of the PSI programs.
A. Your responsibilities are to:

  • Notify PSI of any increase/decrease in your Premiums, Copayments or Medicare CoPayments after receiving notification by the insurance company, physician, or pharmacy.
  • Notify PSI of a change in eligibility of Premium, Copayment, or Insurance/Medicare coverage.
  • Return any Premium, Copayment, or Medicare Copayment refunds/unused checks to PSI.
  • Notify PSI of a change of address and/or telephone number.
  • Notify PSI of a change in financial status.
  • Notify PSI if you discontinue treatment.
  • Comply with any and all PSI policies; otherwise it could result in the discontinuation of assistance from PSI.
  • Supply PSI with proof of your premium and co-payment as needed.
  • Ensure all invoices and requests are received by PSI within 4 months of the date of service.
A. You are welcome to contact a Patient Service Representative (PSR) if you should have questions about your assistance. You can reach us by calling 800-366-7741.
A. Any refunds received for PSI paid assistance must be returned to PSI.