About Us

The founder of PSI shaped the very first non-profit patient assistance model in 1989. Dr. Dana Kuhn knows the pain firsthand of watching a loved one fight-and-lose their battle against chronic illness; he knows, too, the crippling financial burden often carried by those left behind. Since our inception in 1989, Patient Services has been a pioneer leading the charge to find solutions to the challenges that face the chronically ill in the United States. 


We provide financial support and guidance for qualified patients with specific, rare chronic diseases. Our team is passionate about accessibility and affordability to treatment. That’s why we are committed to helping subsidize the costs of health insurance premiums and out of pocket costs (copayments/coinsurance). Furthermore, we offer a variety of legal services free of charge through the PSI-A.C.C.E.S.S. Program for specific rare disease communities. Through PSI assistance programs patients and their families rediscover hope and health. 

"It's not just our job; it's our passion." PSI senior leadership and the Patient Services Board of Directors are dedicated to solving the challenges that confront uninsured/underinsured Americans. Our leaders are a collection of individuals with expertise in a variety of health care related areas.

  • Dana Kuhn, Ph.D.
    President/ Founder
  • J. Arthur Wood
    Vice President
  • Neil M. Millhiser
    General Counsel
  • Gary W. Cross, Affiliate
    Chairman of the Board
  • Danielle Nance, MD
    Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Russell E. Phillips, Jr., CPA CVA MAFF
  • Mitch Mula
    Board Member
  • Terrie L. Glass, LCSW
    Board Member
  • Mark Edward Mula, RPH
    Board Member
  • Brian Thomas Landry