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Federal policy is allowing insurers to deny health coverage to Americans who get help from charities...

Don’t let the government eliminate charities that help sick and financially vulnerable Americans.


For 30 years, patient assistance charities have become an essential cornerstone of America’s health care system, providing an estimated $1 billion in financial assistance to Americans in-need. 

Now, charities that provide a temporary premium and copayment assistance safety net to over half a million Americans who are sick, retired, and disabled are at risk.

A federal policy* issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) is allowing health insurers to deny coverage to patients across the country simply because they receive life-saving premium and copayment assistance from charities. This has resulted in charities being barred by the insurance industry and our government. This cannot be allowed to happen.  Hundreds of thousands of American lives are at risk.

The time has come for Congress and the President to close these loopholes and protect charitable giving for our nation’s neediest patients. Patient assistance charities not only save lives, they save taxpayer dollars.

To help protect charitable premium and copayment assistance for the most vulnerable Americans, click here.



*Interim final rule - US Government Publishing Office. (2014, March 19). https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56cb53cb62cd94fc4bc04853/t/57193021f850828c394d0877/1461268513683/2014-06031.pdf