Welcome to PSI's Electronic Claims Center


PSI offers electronic claims processing! By filing claims electronically, providers are able to expedite claims submission so PSI can process and make payments more quickly for qualified services.


Medical Claims

Our Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) support services allow providers to track claims from point of submission through receipt using their standard claims submission software and provider. There are two easy ways to submit electronic claims to PSI:

  • Electronic claim filing through our contracted clearinghouses, Emdeon (Payer ID CB733), Gateway EDI (Payer ID PSI01), Relay Health (Payer ID-CPID 6298 for professional claims and Payer ID-CPID 5656 for institutional claims), and ENS/Ingenix (Payer ID CB733). If you have a relationship with Emdeon, Gateway EDI, Relay Health, or ENS/Ingenix, contact your representative to say that you would like to start submitting your claims electronically to PSI.
  • COMING SOON! Direct electronic claim submission through our Claims Entry Portal.

For questions regarding the claims submission process, please contact PSI's electronic claim department at 1 (866) 392-1309. Remember, submitting claims electronically is less expensive, less time-consuming, and results in faster claim payments. Experience the benefits of EDI today!

For more information, review our list of frequently asked questions.



Pharmacy Claims

PSI's partnership with PBM Plus, a Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) company, allows our patients to obtain their prescription medications alleviating payment hassles. Pharmacies no longer need to submit paper invoices as they can submit claims electronically and be paid directly by our processing partner.

  • When picking up a prescription, a patient provides the pharmacist with their insurance card and then the PSI payment assistance card. To locate a participating pharmacy, use our pharmacy locator tool.
  • The pharmacy runs the PSI payment assistance card as a secondary payment option after the primary insurance has been processed and made payment.
  • PSI's contracted pharmacy benefits manager, PBM Plus, adjudicates the claims and submits payment directly to the pharmacy.

For questions regarding the PBM claims submission process, please contact one of our dedicated Patient Services Representatives at 1 (800) 366-7741.