Policy Update-Wks of Oct. 6 & 13

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In the Health Reform Update for the past two weeks, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) downgrades the predicted cost of Affordable Care Act (ACA) subsidies, Medicaid and Medicare spending, and the federal budget deficit, while a second lawsuit seeks to prevent members of Congress and their staff from receiving ACA subsidized coverage in the District of Columbia Marketplace for small groups.  

 The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has streamlined the online application process for most Marketplace consumers, as does the state-based Marketplace in Washington.  South Carolina is added to the growing list of states expecting nominal increases in Marketplace premiums while Louisiana joins Alaska as the two states where Marketplace consumers are likely to see rate spikes. 

 The Montana Insurance Commissioner reaches an agreement with Marketplace insurers to replace specialty tier coinsurance with fixed dollar copayments for consumers selecting at least a silver-level plan. 

 Controlling specialty drug costs continue to be a top priority for all state Medicaid programs, despite more favorable fiscal climates that have allowed nearly half to add or restore benefits.

 You can find the full Health Reform Update here. For more information about PSI Advocacy, visit our PSI Patient Coalition page.

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