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Apr 1, 2019 | Patient Blog

Could you afford to dedicate 21% of your income to life-saving medications? A recent RAND study revealed that over 60% of Americans live with a chronic illness and this is their reality.  In 2018, the average household income of a patient receiving support from PSI was $34,652.00. Their treatment cost was $7,344.00 per year ($612.00 per month).

For thirty years, PSI has been a pioneer in leading the charge to find solutions to the challenges that face the chronically ill in the United States by providing financial support and guidance for qualified patients with specific, rare chronic diseases. Through PSI assistance programs patients and their families rediscover hope and health.

During this time, we have been deeply humbled to be given a front row seat to story after story of so many (too many) patients battling chronic illness and rare disease, as they sought to overcome the devastating burden of costs in relation to their life-saving medications.

Here is but a small snapshot of some of their stories. As you read their words, ask yourself one question, “How?”

Meet Christine

“As I understand it, there is only one manufacturer of this medication. When that company was bought out a few years ago the price skyrocketed from $500 a month to over $13,000.00 a month, cost-prohibitive to 60+ year-olds approaching retirement,” describes Christine.

In a panic, Christine then reached out to the company and they guided her to seek grants from non-profit organizations for financial aid, which led her to Patient Services, Inc. In this, the support was able to help prevent hospital stays, procedures, pain and medical expense.

If it weren’t for this much needed aid, Christine was faced with either stopping the medication altogether and taking the risk of further medical complications or selling all that she had worked for to afford it.

Meet Lisa

“After my diagnosis and once I agreed to treatment, I was assigned to a case manager who told me about PSI and the assistance I could get since I was not working. Before I learned about PSI, I thought I would just die from this disease. I could not afford the $200,000 a month for infusions.” – Lisa tells us in regard to her Fabry diagnosis.

Meet Rick

“In order to remain healthy and be here for my wife and daughter, I have to take a plethora of medications. A majority of the medication range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars AFTER Insurance. Due to the high out of pocket cost, I am forced to find assistance through charitable organizations such as Patient Services Inc.”

Meet Peggy

“Before I knew of PSI’s existence, I had decided not to seek treatment for my illness simply because I couldn’t afford it and I didn’t want to subject my husband to bear this financial burden. But thanks to PSI I have been able to manage both my illness and the financial expenses of the treatments that I need for the last five years. It has been amazing to be around to watch my family grow. I am now a grandma to twelve grandchildren. I can’t thank PSI enough for what they have done for me, for people like me.

The biggest drawback is that this drug is expensive. The drug must be infused every fourteen days and the drug alone costs over $40,000 each dose. You will need the treatment for the rest of your life, or until the risks of the cure become less than those of your illness.

How could anyone afford this treatment?”

30 Years Of Support

Everyone should be given the chance to fight chronic illness without worrying about how they’ll afford life-saving treatment.  In 2017, PSI assisted 13,554 chronically ill Medicare Part D patients by providing $70.9 million dollars to those in need. You can read more about the report, here.

30 Years Of You Matter

For thirty years, Patient Services Inc., has been honored to have the opportunity to come alongside so many incredibly courageous, brave, and inspiring people. You are why we get up each day and do what we do. No one should ever have to face these challenges alone.

Would you like to join us in our work to advocate on behalf of the many who face dire straights with covering costs for their life-saving medications, treatments, and support? Learn more about what you can do here.

Together, let’s make a difference as we continue this critical work in sending a message to all those who are facing rare disease and chronic illnesses that THEY MATTER.

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