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Jan 13, 2021 | Patient Blog

Terry Staletovich is on a mission to help chronically ill patients with SSDI and SSI legal aid. 

Recently, Staletovich, attorney for ACCESS, PSI’s legal program that helps and represents chronically ill patients in the complex field of healthcare and insurance, joined us on PSI’s Rare Perspectives podcast to talk about what ACCESS does.

For anyone within the chronic illness community, you will not want to miss this episode, as Terry shares from his nearly 20 years of experiences as attorney for ACCESS. He also provides great advice for anyone who is wanting to apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) or Supplemental Security Income (SSI) claims, as the odds can seem so insurmountable.

“Still, the great majority of people that file and seek disability benefits are denied,” Staletovich said. “That’s across the country and I would guess that over 75% of people that seek benefits are initially denied.”

What you’ll find with Terry and the ACCESS team is that there is hope for those seeking these benefits.

To give you a head start on the episode, let’s get you briefed on what ACCESS is and how they can represent you.

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Advocating for Chronic Conditions, Entitlements, and Social Services (ACCESS) is PSI’s free SSDI and SSI legal aid program for families facing chronic medical conditions. 

We are here to provide legal assistance and representation when it’s needed most, as well as answer any questions you may have. We help patients nationwide with SSDI and SSI legal aid and claims.

Contact ACCESS today by filling out a contact form or calling our legal hotline at 1-877-851-9065. We are here for you.

ACCESS Is Here To Provide SSDI Legal Aid, SSI Legal Aid, and Represent You 

There are three specific ways that ACCESS can represent you:

  1. Assessing your eligibility for Medicare and Medicaid
  2. Answering your questions on Social Security Disability benefits
  3. Helping families understand the Social Security Disability application process
SSDI and SSI legal aid meeting

ACCESS Is Making An Impact

The ACCESS team aims for success when representing patients applying for Social Security Disability, surpassing the national disability approval rate of 36% by achieving 70% ACCESS disability approval rate. 

With these kinds of numbers, there is absolutely no doubt as to why patients from all over have been so eager to share their gratitude for the work of Terry and the ACCESS team.

What Patients Are Saying About ACCESS

“Ten years ago was the first time I tried gaining SSI. No help, no support, nothing…Fast forward to 2019, (when) I was put into contact with PSI-ACCESS by my social worker and we immediately went to work on a new application for SSI. This time I had support and an amazing/knowledgeable attorney named Terry M. Staletovich. He helped me obtain a favorable decision through an appeal.”

“PSI-ACCESS & Terry Staletovich have changed my life for the better and I’m eternally grateful for what they did for me. There are no amount of words that I can say about how much I really do owe to them in doing so. I honestly thought deep in my heart that I’d never ever see an SSI check, but PSI-ACCESS and Terry Staletovich made that a reality for me.” – PSI Hemophilia Patient

“If it wasn’t for (the) PSI-ACCESS program, my retirement years would be a lot more financially stressful than they already were…”

“I was internet searching on the PSI site and came across the ACCESS program and explanation of what it was. I couldn’t believe what I was reading…lawyers who work for free to help people attain disability with specific conditions.”

“They were always so friendly, knowledgeable, nonjudgmental, prompt, and explained everything to the degree that I needed in order for me to understand the process. It is totally amazing all the work they did for me and what a relief it was to hand this over to someone competent.”

“It relieved so much stress from my life and that in itself is what is needed with CVID. ACCESS and Mr. Leach and staff were a Godsend for me…I know that PSI-ACCESS continues because of the donations it receives so I am very willing to donate and share their mission with whoever I encounter. My appreciation for them is remarkable, and by the way, I got SS Disability with the help of ACCESS!” – CVID Patient, Pat S.

“I am so thankful that PSI-ACCESS has been a resource to help with my SSA disability. I had been denied SSA disability after applying on my own, and they helped me with the appeal process. My chronic illness has not allowed me to work for a few years, and I had little financial support. Terry traveled across the country to represent me and helped win my case. This organization worked with me multiple times to keep my disability payments.”

“PSI-ACCESS is a resource that is so important to patients who are too sick or don’t have the financial means to navigate the system. Thank you, PSI-ACCESS, I don’t know what I would’ve done without your help!” – J. G

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Where To Listen

If you want to watch or listen to Terry’s episode and learn more about ACCESS, you can watch now on YouTube. Terry’s episode of Rare Perspectives is also on all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts, Spotify and Google Podcasts

Check out the Rare Perspectives website too for more streaming options. 

rare disease day

Rare Disease Day

February 28th is Rare Disease Day, a day of rare disease awareness and improving medical access and representation for chronic and rare disease patients.

All month long, we’re shining a light on the often hidden side of having a rare or chronic disease: The Legal Struggles.

Support Our Campaign

This Rare Disease Day, we want to raise $2,500 so we can continue providing legal aid to chronic and rare disease patients. ACCESS is so crucial for our patients, and with the help of donors like you, we can help our patients access the legal help they need.

Visit our campaign page and please donate today to help the chronic and rare disease community!

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