Our Mission

To advocate for greater access to affordable health care and treatment for patients with rare, chronic conditions. Working on both the state and federal level, the department combines expertise in legislative and regulatory affairs with a passion for advocacy ensuring our patients’ voices are heard and patient assistance is protected.

Advocacy Ambassador Participation

Participation in the PSI Advocacy Ambassador Program is completely voluntary and will have no effect on the level of financial assistance that you will receive from PSI.


Tell Congress to Protect Patient Assistance for Individuals with Chronic & Life-Threatening ConditionsHealth plans across the country are denying coverage to patients with expensive – yet devastating – conditions from their plans, undermining the intent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and unraveling the safety net patient assistance groups have worked so hard to create.


The Patient Services Government Relations Department organizes and participates in advocacy coalitions with our sister organizations and industry partners that champion important public policy issues that positively affect our patients. These vital connections between like-minded groups bring invaluable strength to our message and advocacy efforts on behalf of our patients.

Partners include Marketplace Access Project Coalition, American Plasma Users Coalition, Partnership to Improve Patient Care, Alliance for a Stronger FDA, Virginia BIO, and BioFlorida.

Advocacy In The News

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James Romano

James Romano

Director of Government Relations and Advocacy

James Romano is currently the Director of Government Relations and Advocacy at Patient Services Incorporated (PSI). He has served in this capacity since 2005. James began his career in patient advocacy at the age of 19. As a freshman in college, he lobbied for the passage of the Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund Act (Public Law 105-369) on behalf of the Hemophilia Community. James has five members of his family with hemophilia and is the fourth generation to advocate on behalf of the rare disease and plasma community.

For his career, James has worked to remove barriers to access to healthcare for patients with rare disease and chronic illnesses. James was a staff members to a Member of Congress as well as a lobbyist. Since starting at PSI, James has worked to advance the cause of access for patients with expensive rare conditions to the therapies and treatments. The department has expanded to build relationships with our donors and other patient advocacy groups. PSI is always looking to partner to expand access to other rare disease groups.

James earned a BA from Marymount University, an MPA from George Mason University, and his MBA at the University of Mary Washington.


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