Policy Positions

Non-profit charitable assistance is a critical safety net for many patients and their families, particularly those living with rare, chronic, complex, or life-threatening conditions.


PSI opposes any effort by public or private payers to curb access to lawful charitable assistance.

Policymakers should codify protections to charitable copay and premium assistance, including reestablishing the ability of patients to use charitable assistance programs without discrimination and have charitable assistance count towards their out-of-pocket maximum, and formalizing the current regulatory framework for charitable assistance by transitioning from OIG opinions to a formal Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) rule or codified law.

In general, patients who have access to insurance through a government program such as Medicare or Medicaid should access coverage through those programs rather than turning to charitable assistance in the private insurance market.


The act which, received a measure of bipartisan support, aims to make significant changes to Medicare B, Medicare D, and Medicaid.

Part D Rule

CMS released a decision to not move forward with certain proposed changes to Medicare Part D and Medicare Advantage.


Ways and Means Committee releases draft legislation on Medicare Part D and is seeking comments on this legislation by June 6th




Contact Your Lawmakers

Below is a form that allows you to contact your members of Congress and share your story about chronic disease and charitable assistance.

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