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Since 1935, the Social Security Act has provided funding for the Title V Maternal and Child Health (MCH) Block Grant Program. This program is a partnership between the federal government and states. States use funds from Title V Grants to help improve access to healthcare for mothers and children.

PSI administers Title V programs in several states, assisting patients who deal with various chronic illnesses obtain information about available health insurance plans. In some cases, we are also able to pay for patients’ insurance premiums as part of this state program.

We are grateful to provide this service to some of these states’ most vulnerable citizens. Patients gain access to comprehensive care and states experience significant savings because many program participants (who, when properly medicated/treated and able to work) rely less on public safety net programs, such as Medicaid.


By obtaining insurance coverage, the patient gains access to comprehensive care and states receives significant cost avoidance because the patients rely less on public safety net programs, such as Medicaid.

Since inception, these programs have assisted thousands of patients and saved millions of dollars for states like VA, KY, SC, PA, and more!

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The CYSHCN Hemophilia Program is a legislatively-enacted program for the care and treatment of persons with hemophilia and other inherited bleeding disorders. 

South Carolina

The purpose of this state-funded program is purchase of blood products for persons with hemophilia or other congenital blood clotting disorders.


The Kentucky Hemophilia Program, administered by OCSHCN, provides ongoing care to children and adults with hemophilia and other rare bleeding disorders.




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