Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

PSI helps chronically ill patients with unaffordable medical expenses.


Our Strategy for Achieving our Goals:

In 2016, the PSI staff developed a strategic plan that would carry us into 2021. During this time period our organization aims to:

  • Expanded our patient centered delivery model while balancing operational efficiencies.
  • Became the champion for our patients.
  • Continued innovative activities of PSI to ensure sustainability.
  • Identified and diversified our funding streams.

Capacity for Achieving Our Goals:

  • Our organizational success is a result of PSI’s exceptional board and executive leadership teams as well as our expert staff members. PSI provides a kind, caring, and generous work environment which enables staff to provide for the thousands of chronically ill patients we financially assist.
  • PSI continually focuses its efforts to create efficiencies, streamline processes, and conserve every dollar for the direct assistance for the people that we serve. This is done by continuous quality assurance monitoring and adherence to strong internal controls.

Measuring & Reporting Our Progress Towards Our Goals:

Through the PSI Board of Directors, the executive management committee, and key personnel, PSI reviews our organizational goals and strategies on a continual basis. Changes to internal and external operations are made after careful evaluation of patient assistance conditions and organizational needs assessments.   This process ensures that PSI maintains capacity to achieve its goals and continue our growth on an annual basis. Additionally, PSI conducts extensive staff, donor, and patient surveys. In 2016, the organization used the services of The Spark Mill, a Richmond, VA Strategic Planning firm to facilitate the process.  Consultants from The Spark Mill collected information from four areas as a part of the information-gathering portion of the planning process.

  • Feedback from all PSI patients, staff members, board members, and donors
    • Loyalty and Satisfaction: 97% out of a possible 100%
    • Customized Patient Assistance: 96% out of a possible 100%
    • Innovative Customer-Centered Solutions: 91% out of a possible 100%
    • Health Insurance Resource: 74% out of a possible 100%

The overall customer engagement index for PSI is 90%.

  • Environmental Scan
  • Internal Review of Procedures and Data
  • Surveys
    • Over 2,000 PSI patients responded to an online survey.  Patients were asked a variety of questions about their experience with the organization and its services.
    • The patient sample was split almost equally between males (49%) and females (51%).  Over half of patients were age 65 or older (54%), with another 20% falling into the 55-64 age range.
    • Top 5 Patient Responses:
Question Percent Favorable
I am very satisfied with my experiences at PSI 99%
PSI makes a positive difference in my life 99%
I trust PSI to act in my best interest 98%
The PSI staff treats me with respect and compassion 98%
My first interaction with PSI was a positive experience 98%

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