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Accessia Health, formerly Patient Services, Inc., started a movement in 1989, we were founded by a patient for patients. Today the patient assistance industry helps hundreds of thousands of patients obtain the critical help they need to afford their medications and treatments.  Accessia Health is blazing new trails, by leveraging our three decades of success to expand patient assistance support to serve today’s patients and today’s healthcare consumers.  We are living in a very different world than 1989; we embrace the healthcare landscape we live in today and serve as part of the fabric of the healthcare ecosystem, improving access to care and treatments, one patient at a time.

We invite you to meet Accessia Health and our leadership team.  A group of highly skilled and motivated healthcare leaders who have set lofty goals to improve access to healthcare for our nation’s most deserving and diverse healthcare consumers.

We can’t wait to meet with you in person to continue and create new partnerships so that we can serve as many patients as possible under our Accessia Health umbrella.

This is our calling and we are Here for Good!


Since our inception in 1989, we’ve led the charge to find solutions for those with chronic medical conditions in the United States. We provide financial support and guidance for qualified patients with rare and chronic diseases, and help families rediscover hope and health.

Our Impact

We are so grateful to be able to directly help the chronic and rare disease community. Each phone call is an opportunity to serve.

Patient Services Inc. is now Accessia Health!

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