Giving hope to those who give it all.


It’s a word that’s especially meaningful this time of year. A word that sparks inspiration into the hearts of those who are feeling lost and defeated. A word that resonates with patients coping with a rare disease and trying to secure necessary and vital treatments. This season, we’re asking you to provide that hope to people like Lupe and Duane.

Imagine paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for insurance premium and treatment costs and other incidental medical expenses for diseases that affect just 1 in 50,000 people. Now multiply that by four and that is what Lupe and Duane are experiencing.

Lupe, her daughter, and grandson all have Fabry Disease, an inherited disorder where a particular type of fat builds up in the body’s cells which can lead to heart attacks and strokes. Duane has Pompe Disease, an inherited and often fatal disease that disables the heart and skeletal muscles. With their insurance premiums running upwards of $3,500 a month, and copays and other medical expenses running in the tens of thousands of dollars per year, it’s no wonder their stress and worry was at an all-time high. That’s where Patient Services, Inc. stepped in.

Lupe recalls, “Not only did they pay for my insurance premiums, but they paid for my infusions and travel costs to Seattle where I received the treatment…Patient Services, Inc. (PSI) also stepped in and covered the treatment costs for my husband, daughter, and grandson.”

Their financial anxieties faded away after Lupe and her family received assistance. Patient Services, Inc. (PSI) is a nationwide nonprofit focused on tirelessly working with and for patients with rare and chronic disorders to provide them the assistance needed in order for them to live their best life. We rely on private donations, like yours, to assist, advocate, and fund patients who have lost hope and desperately need it.

“There are still so many adults and children being diagnosed with rare diseases and you can hear the desperation in their voices. That’s when I tell them about PSI,” Lupe says. “PSI has been a godsend!”

Our ask is simple: Give Back and Give Hope with a donation that will change the lives of people like Lupe and Duane. Every dollar donated will be matched up to $30,000!


Patient Services Inc. is now Accessia Health!

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