How PSI Is Using Social Media For Good

May 28, 2019 | Patient Blog

With the rise of digital media, it has changed the very landscape of how people communicate with one another, as well as access information. Yet, with this, it has also turned on the “firehose” of content, which often times can be quite overwhelming for the end user.

Matter of fact, one recent report suggested that people scroll their smartphones a whopping 72 feet per day. At this rate, users are consuming nearly 6 words per second. With this, how does one even begin to stand out with their message, or in the case of PSI, our story?

Over the past many years, PSI has been working hard behind the scenes to both develop as well as implement strategies that best leverage the power of digital media, specifically, social media.

Using Social Media For Good

At Patient Services Inc., we aim to be an online presence that stops the endless scrolling by providing a sense of belonging, equality, and access to both a community, as well as information, that can help lead patients with rare diseases towards restoring their hope and health, and in the end, peace of mind.

As we’ve become increasingly intentional with our social media presence, people have responded in droves. And this means, we’re reaching more people than ever with our stories of hope, positivity, and accountability.

In just the past year alone, PSI has seen our social media audience size increase significantly. Here’s a snapshot of the growth we have been experiencing:

  • On Twitter, our audience size has increased 99%
  • On Facebook, our audience size has increased 31%
  • On Instagram, our audience size has increased 45%
  • On LinkedIn, our audience size has increased 34%

With social media, it’s all about you, your story, your passion, and your heartbeat. And, if you aren’t already a part of our growing online community, we invite you to join us and the many others who have made our pages a stop along the way of their daily scrolling.

How Can You Help Us Reach More People?

We get asked all the time how people can help us reach more people. With social media, it sure makes helping spread the word, so much easier. Here are 5 Things You Can Do Using Social Media to help us reach more people:

  1. Like or Follow Our Pages
  2. Invite Your Family and Friends To Like Our Pages
  3. Post A Comment On Our Posts
  4. Share Our Posts On Your Pages
  5. Share With Us Your Story (Write a review on our Facebook page)

Of course, these are just a few of many different ways you can help partner with us to reach more people. In this, together, we can use social media to help restore hope and health to patients and families with rare disease and chronic illness.

How Will We Stand Out?

At PSI, we will stand out on social media and amidst the firehose of content by continuously doing what we always do, by putting patients with rare diseases and chronic illnesses first. By, providing content that is intentional, educational, encouraging, and valuable. And, by being accessible and responsive to every comment, review, and private message.

At PSI, we’re leveraging the power of social media to share your stories and our calling by putting the social back into social media. Because that’s what social is, right? A conversation. Will you join us?

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