Policy Update: Week of May 16

In the Health Reform Update for the past week, a lower federal court says the Obama Administration lacks Congressional authority to fund the cost-sharing subsidies under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), but allows the subsidies to continue until an appeal is heard.  Two...

Policy Update: Week of April 18

In the Health Reform Update for the past week, one of the nation’s largest health insurers will withdraw next year from at least 22 of the 34 Affordable Care Act (ACA) Marketplaces in which it is participating for 2016, including Florida and Texas.  The Kaiser Family...

Specialty Tier Update: Week of March 21

By Mark Hobraczk, JD, MPA STATES Washington House and Senate bills would limit prescription drug cost-sharing House and Senate measures that would limit consumer cost-sharing for prescription drugs have been reintroduced in the special legislative session that started...

Policy Update: Weeks of March 7-25

In the Health Reform Update for the past three weeks, a Senate report concludes that the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) ignored consultant warnings that most of the non-profit insurance cooperatives created with Affordable Care Act (ACA) loans would...
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