Our Ongoing Commitment to PSI Staff, Patients, Supporters and Advocates

Jun 9, 2020 | News and Events

This year has been more than challenging with the national COVID-19 pandemic and devastation caused by continued racial turmoil within our nation.  We recognize the impact these events have had on our staff, patients, supporters and advocates. We acknowledge that we are all hurting and concerned about the well-being of those we care about.

We have been fortunate to serve a rare and chronic disease community that is made up of people from all walks of life, skin color, faith and backgrounds. Diseases don’t discriminate based on who you are or the color of your skin.  We are a diverse community and that diversity is truly one of our strengths.  It shows up in how we treat and care for one another, how we treat and care for our patients and how we fulfill our mission to help our patients and families live their best lives no matter their race or ethnicity. 

PSI is a work family of diverse staff. We will continue to uphold our PSI values and commitment of mutual respect in everything we do, as well as to condemn racism and prejudice, as they directly oppose our values.  Discrimination and intolerance have no place in our business and will never be permitted in any form.  

Join us in promoting an environment where respect, responsibility and value of others is a priority, so that together, we can create a better tomorrow.

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