Patient Services, Inc. Launches a New Video Series Aimed at Educating Patients

Jul 11, 2018 | News and Events

(Midlothian, VA – July 11, 2018) – Patient Services, Inc. (PSI), the nation’s first non-profit patient assistance program, is excited to announce the launch of a new online video series aimed at educating PSI patients.

The weekly series, which will release a new episode on the PSI You Tube channel every Wednesday at 11am eastern time, is called The PSI Patient Access Lounge. The first episode aired today, July 11th, 2018 and can be viewed here.

What Is The Patient Access Lounge?

Navigating the ins and outs of health care can get difficult and Patient Services Inc., believes as an organization that it is important to equip their patients with the information they need to make informed health decisions. The PSI Patient Access Lounge (PAL) will aim to do just that.

PAL is a video mini-series where people will learn about various health insurance topics and will be hosted by PSI’s own Patient Access Specialists, Amy and Jasmine.

Recently, co-host Jasmine shared on a PSI social media post a window into what types of topics the audience can expect,

“Our mini-series is going to include topics like when to apply for insurance, the difference between Medicare and Medicaid, and how to read an explanation of benefits.”

Complimenting PSI’s online strategy, which earlier this spring launched a new patient blog where patients have an opportunity to share their story, The Patient Access Lounge will be a great fit in helping drive PSI’S overall goal of leading patients to positive health outcomes.

This new mini-series is dedicated to helping PSI patients make informed health decisions.

An Opportunity For Meaningful Interaction

Brittany Nicholson, Coordinator for Social Media at PSI is looking forward to the launch of this new You Tube series and the meaningful interaction that can come with it between PSI and their patients.

“I’m most looking forward to receiving feedback from our patients. It’s been such a fun, collaborative effort and everyone involved is equally excited and passionate about it. One of our main priorities is to provide valuable information to our patients in a fun, relatable and engaging way. We’re really hoping we can positively impact our patients with this new content and provide them with the tools necessary to successfully navigate the ins and outs of healthcare.”

Patients can also help shape future episodes of The PSI Patient Access Lounge by submitting their own health insurance questions to Brittany Nicholson, PSI Coordinator of Social Media at [email protected].

Who Is Patient Services Incorporated?

PSI was founded in 1989 by Dana Kuhn, Ph.D., and is the nation’s first patient assistance charity.

Patient Services Incorporated provides financial support and guidance for qualified patients with specific, rare chronic diseases. Through PSI assistance programs patients and their families rediscover hope and health

PSI’s mission is to help chronically ill patients with unaffordable medical expenses. In 2017 alone, PSI assistance reduced spending in Medicare by generating $33.9 million in net federal Medicare savings. Since 2013, that figure increases to $146 million in Medicare savings.

Learn more about the impact of PSI from a recent Avalere Health Analysis here.

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