Who We Are


The founder of PSI shaped the very first non-profit patient assistance model in 1989. Dr. Dana Kuhn knows the pain firsthand of watching a loved one fight-and-lose their battle against chronic illness; he knows, too, the crippling financial burden often carried by those left behind. Since our inception in 1989, Patient Services has been a pioneer leading the charge to find solutions to the challenges that face the chronically ill in the United States.

We provide financial support and guidance for qualified patients with specific, rare chronic diseases. Through PSI assistance programs patients and their families rediscover hope and health.


“It’s not just our job; it’s our passion.” PSI senior leadership and the Patient Services Board of Directors are dedicated to solving the challenges that confront uninsured/underinsured Americans. Our leaders are a collection of individuals with expertise in a variety of healthcare related areas.


Patient Services, Inc. was the first of its kind to receive a positive advisory opinion from the US Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (02-01). Our opinion allows us to assist Medicare patients with premium and copayment assistance without infringing upon enticement/inducement or anti-kickback statutes within its proposed agreement.

View Our Positive Opinions:
OIG Opinion 02-01, Modified, 2017
OIG Opinion 02-01, 2002


Patient Services has earned its recognition and endorsements with consistency, legal compliance, commitment and an excellent track record of helping patients with specific chronic illnesses.


Each year, Patient Services, Inc. publishes an Annual Report to provide our donors and patients with a detailed account of the organization’s financial well-being, ongoing efforts and national concerns. Our Annual Report is available as a Portable Document File (PDF).


PSI’s 990 forms and Financial Statements are available for public inspection and serves as a source of information about the organization. The form is useful for understanding some aspects of the organization’s mission, programs, and finances.


Patient Services, Inc. (PSI) has nearly 30 years of experience helping those living with an expensive chronic illness to afford lifesaving treatment. Please contact Mandy Herbert, Director of Community Outreach, at [email protected] if you are interested in locating knowledgeable sources for interviews regarding the chronically ill, underinsured or uninsured patient communities, healthcare and policy issues, and more!